“Labbayka Allaahumma Labbayk…” (Here I am, O Allah, here I am).


Hajj, a once in a lifetime journey that every Muslim aims to experience at least once in their life. From the tents of Mina, to Mount Arafah, it is all a beauty that can’t be described but only felt whilst you are there in person.  We are delighted to introduce our Hajj packages for 2020.

As with all of our packages you will find a professional service that is built on honesty, transparency and reliability. We strive to ensure your Hajj is a comfortable and spiritual journey. Therefore, we take care of all the worries & planning associated with your Hajj journey. Your main concern will be your worship and concentrating on the reason behind your Hajj.

This year we are offering three Hajj packages, including a non shifting package. This is ideal for people looking to stay close to the Haram in both Makkah and Madinah. Call us today to discuss your journey of a lifetime.


Hajj Packages

5* Express Package
14 Days £5699 8
5* Classic Package
20 Days £6699 40
4* Non Shifting Hajj Package
14 Days £7695 Sold Out!